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Updated Scott Profile!

Here’s Scott’s updated profile using the Mutants and Masterminds stats. I’ll be updating his cast page entry, too, once I have all the characters done.

For those of you wanting a text-friendly way to read the profile, here it is!

Name: Scott Novak

Age: 24

Birthday: July 25 (Leo)

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Polish/German

Home: Sunrise Towers Condominiums

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Model

Education: B.A., musical performance

Though he’s a talented and and well-known
 musician, Scott always felt something was 
missing from his life. He’s handsome and 
loved by his fans, but he often felt frustrated 
with the trappings of the media industry. 
Scott loves music, but struggled to find his
 point of view in an industry that commod
ifies artistic expression. Though he loved 
performing, he felt like he was missing 
something in his life.

A fateful encounter with Markos, the 
Prophet of Olympus, awakened Scott to the 
truth. He’s a demigod, son of Apollo, the
 Olympian god of music. Since then, Scott
felt like his life made sense. The need to
create and perform music wasn’t just a 
passion. It was as much a part of him as
breathing. He’s still trying to figure out what 
being Apollo’s son means for him, but he 
feels like he found the piece he’d been 
looking for.

Since awakening to his ancestry and 
powers, Scott has become a superhero. He
 helps Markos and the others when his busy 
schedule allows. Though he’s not sure that
 being a superhero is what he’s meant to
do, he’s found a path that he thinks suits 
him. He’s helping people in ways he
never imagined possible.

With his divine heritage now a prominent 
part of his life, Scott feels like he has a
 whole new grasp on music. Creativity flows 
more easily, and he feels like he can finally 
break the commercialized box he’s been 
stuck in for most of his career.

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Updated Markos Profile!

Check it out! I’ve created a new profile for Markos using some Mutants and Masterminds stats! You’ll be able to read this on his cast page soon!

Here’s a transcript of the bio information for those of you that may not be able to see the images:

Name: Markos Passero

Age: 27
Birthday: May 31 (Gemini)
Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Greek/Italian
Home: 147 Midsummer Ave., Apt 44
Profession: Graphic designer
Education: B.F.A. in graphic design

In the Sparrowverse, each pantheon has a 
single Prophet, chosen at the moment of
their birth. That Prophet is that Pantheon’s
sole representative on Earth. Markos was 
selected to be the voice of the Greek pantheon. As a result, he hears the voices of
the gods as if they were sitting right 
next to him.

Being the Prophet can be really tiring. 
All the local supernaturals know he has 
a direct line to the gods. So Markos has a
busy life being dragged here and there 
because of his status. When you represent 
the gods, everyone thinks you can solve 
their problems, even if you don’t represent
their gods. When he’s not troubleshooting,
 he often acts as a religious symbol, officiating ceremonies and standing in for
the Olympians much like a priest.

Markos is tired most of the time. He’s per
petually stretched thin, trying too hard to
be the best Prophet he can. On top of it all,
he’s an introvert, which often makes the
social aspects of his job exhausting at best.
Underneath the public figure is a sarcastic,
melodramatic man who means well but
really just wants a break.

On the other hand, having the gods in his 
ear can be a huge help in his everyday life. 
Imagine having divine tutors for everything.
Apollo taught him the arts and archery, 
Athena guided him through school, Hermes
coached him in sports. The gods have 
helped Markos become quite the talented,
capable Prophet.

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The Sparrow resumes August 27!

That’s right! The Sparrow will be back on August 27 with all new pages and stories! I have some fun stuff planned and I hope you’re excited too!

Meanwhile, make sure to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr to keep up with the latest updates and info!

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Sparrow Concert Poster

Check it out! As you know, Alex is a popular musician in the Sparrowverse, so I made a mock concert poster showing off one of his new tours, the Sunset Tour. When designing this, I felt it might be a show full of soulful love songs with lots of romance. I’ll be making another poster soon that’s for a more dynamic, “in your face” sort of performance.

Feel free to use this poster as background scenery in your own comics and illustrations. I’ve made it available to download. The .zip file includes both Photoshop and Clip Studio format so you can edit the text to suit the dates and locations for your comic. If you use the poster, all I ask is you provide a link back to the Sparrow either here at or at one of my mirrors or social media sites (Tapas, Tumblr, etc.). If you do use it, shoot me a link so I can see!

Download the zip here.

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy!

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Panel preview!

Preview Panel

Check out this preview for an establishing shot in Issue 1! Much of the action takes place in the club everyone’s lining up for. What do you think the club’s named?

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Welcome to the new and improved Sparrow Comic website! We’re still under construction but check back frequently for updates. This site is going to be updated frequently over the next week. Pages will be populated, posts filled out, and the comic will soon be set up!

Soon I’ll be doing a regular update with world information and posts about mythology and folklore. I hope you stick around and enjoy!

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