The Sparrow - A superhero of mythological proportions!

Issue 1, Page 6


Markos: Isn't there any way I can get in? Bouncer: No. Go away. Markos: Okay, okay. Hold on a sec. Markos: How about now? Bouncer: That's a five. Bouncer: How about you get the hell out of here before I kick your ass? Markos: Fine! But this is why I never go out!

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The Markos Method of Manipulation is always a sure-fire way to get you into trouble.

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Panel preview!

Preview Panel

Check out this preview for an establishing shot in Issue 1! Much of the action takes place in the club everyone’s lining up for. What do you think the club’s named?

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Welcome to the new and improved Sparrow Comic website! We’re still under construction but check back frequently for updates. This site is going to be updated frequently over the next week. Pages will be populated, posts filled out, and the comic will soon be set up!

Soon I’ll be doing a regular update with world information and posts about mythology and folklore. I hope you stick around and enjoy!

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