The Sparrow - A superhero of mythological proportions!


Narration: Port Azure, California Building: The Pantheon, Sixth Floor

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Issue 1, Page 1


I hope you enjoy the Sparrow! The comic updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a break in between each issue.

Want to read it all now? You can buy the whole first issue on Gumroad for $1! The PDF contains all 20 pages of the Sparrow #1 and includes a variant cover by Eleanor Ferron!

If Tapastic or Webtoon are more your thing, you can find the Sparrow there, too. Follow the buttons on the sidebar or use the links below:

Don’t forget to spread the word and share the Sparrow on social media! If you want to support the comic, that’s the best (and easiest!) thing you can do! And if you have a little extra cash, I never say no to a cup of coffee!

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy reading the Sparrow as much as I enjoyed creating it!

3 thoughts on “Issue 1, Page 1”

  1. Nick Flair says:

    nice work on the colors man! It’s coming together nicely!

    1. Osoron says:

      Thank you!

  2. shizamura says:

    The very famous PANTHEON OF CALIFORNIA

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