The Sparrow - A superhero of mythological proportions!


Tybalt: You guys start the party without us? Ana: Surrender now and we'll treat you fairly! Alkonost: Tch SFX: SNAP! SFX: Hnn...

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Issue 1, Page 16

A lady’s gotta have a backup plan…

We’re nearing the end of Issue 1. After that, I’ll be taking a short break to finish Issue 2 and get it ready for posting. I’ll also be working on things like Patreon and so forth, so keep an eye out! I hope you are looking forward to it.

I don’t have a concrete estimate on how long it’ll take for Issue 2 to start going up but I’ll keep everyone notified. Don’t forget to keep an eye on my wall and/or follow me on social media (look for micahdraws on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.) to hear about updates!

Also please remember that you can buy the whole first issue for $1 on Gumroad!

One thought on “Issue 1, Page 16”

  1. shizamura says:

    I love the harpy lady’s hair, she’s got so much style

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