The Sparrow - A superhero of mythological proportions!


Presenting The Sparrow By Micah Weltsch

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Issue 1, Page 2

Some time after completing this page, I realized that 2-page spreads are great for print comics but don’t work so well in webcomics. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to change it and still make my launch date. Live and learn, I suppose!

Check back this Friday for the other half of this spread. I’ll also post a link to the whole spread so you can see it all in one place. I’m actually really proud of this spread. It was just challenging enough to keep me going and I don’t draw big, extravagant scenes like this very often so it was exciting to see it all turn out so well.

Remember, you can also catch the Sparrow on Tapastic and Webtoons!

If you want to read the ENTIRE first issue now, you can pick it up for USD $1 at my Gumroad shop! This will be a regular practice. I’ll have the entire issue complete before I start posting online, and anyone that wants to read it all at once can pick it up at my shop for a modest fee!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy and please help spread the Sparrow around!


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