The Sparrow - A superhero of mythological proportions!


Alkonost: Tch Natsumi: PROPHET! Alex: Who are you talking to? Markos: Apollo. Alex: Apollo?! Markos: Yeah. Be quiet so I can hear! He's the one, right? Alkonost: It's a little late for that. Hello, boys.

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Issue 1, Page 20

Thank you for reading the Sparrow Issue 1!

I hope you enjoyed it! I’m going to have a hiatus for a few weeks while I finish up issue 2 and get it ready for both posting and print. I’ll also be working on my Patreon, a Sparrow store, and other exciting things! I hope you’re all eager to see it!

If you want to keep track of progress, updates, and other projects I’m working on, follow me @micahdraws on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram or just watch this website!! I update all these places frequently and I hope you all stick around for Issue 2 and beyond!

Thank you again!
– Micah

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