The Sparrow - A superhero of mythological proportions!


Narration: Being a superhero has really disrupted my professional life Sparrow: Looks like I'm just in time! Narration: But at the same time I get to really help people. This is the Prophet. He's been my mentor since I got my powers. He's the guy who texted me at the coliseum. He also doesn't smile like this very much. Prophet: Nice timing, Sparrow! Troll: ROAAAAAR! Dove: Got him! Narration: This is the Dove. She's been in the superhero game for years. She's really good.

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Issue 3, Page 05

Enjoy the Prophet’s smile while you can. He is a hell of a grump and he doesn’t smile often, especially when trolls are involved…

Remember that Sparrow Patrons can see pages as I complete them instead of having to wait. Right now the Patreon is about a month ahead, and hopefully I’ll be a little faster soon! You can also see WIPs and sketches, so check it out!

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