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Book 1, Page 60

And that's a wrap on the Sparrow, book 1! I hope you enjoyed. I would love to hear your thoughts, either here in the comments or over on Twitter or Instagram! Hit me up anytime!

I'll be taking a two month break to make up the time between when I was working on my scripts for Book 2. Make sure to follow me on social media so you don't miss the big return! Or follow me on Patreon to check out what I've got going. Thank you so much for reading this far and I hope you enjoy the next story!

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Mythology Monday – Weretigers!

Nearly every folklore tradition has tales of people who can transform into animals. The nature of such beings varies. Sometimes they’re cursed to a fate of uncontrollably turning in the night or inherit the ability from their forebears. Others practice shapeshifting magic or learn to become animals by donning their hides. While werewolves are the most well-known, each part of the world associates these legends with different animals.

Weretiger legends persist throughout China, India, and Southeast Asia, and cover the gamut of origin stories. The Yu family of weretigers came to Azure City generations ago and have had a grip on Chinese society there ever since. They started by helping Chinese immigrants find their footing, but their influence quickly spread to many parts of Azure City’s criminal underworld. Now, the Yu family’s organization is one of the most powerful criminal factions in Azure City.

Yu Jinhai in his human form

Yu Jinhai is the current heir-apparent of the Yu dynasty. The eldest of three children, Jinhai is known for being a quiet, introspective man with intense eyes and a calm, collected demeanor. He’s got a knack for sorcery, though he’s not as talented as his father or his younger brother. He is, however, extremely business-savvy and has negotiated a number of new gains for his family’s holdings. At 30, he personally oversees many of the family’s endeavors. He’s often inscrutable, hard to read, and has a habit of staying expectantly quiet when talking to someone, so the silence can drive the others into awkwardly speaking first. And unlike his brother or his sister, he’s less likely to turn into his weretiger form unless the situation truly merits it.