Welcome to the Sparrow, a superhero comic of mythological proportions!

Imagine if superheroes were beings of mythology and folklore around the world. Join Scott as he discovers he’s the son of the Greek god Apollo, and follow his introduction to the world of the supernatural. Guided by Markos, the Prophet of Olympus, Scott dons the mantle of the Sparrow and becomes a superhero in a world that needs them.

The Sparrow brings all the myths, folklore, and legends around the world and makes them real, then shines a superhero lens on them. The creatures we hear about in legends exist in the Sparrowverse. While superhero worlds like Marvel and DC dabble in mythology through stories like Wonder Woman and Thor, the Sparrow embraces it completely. Most characters’ backgrounds and powers come straight out of folklore and legend. In Azure City, where the Sparrow takes place, you’ll find demigods, monsters, faeries, and more. Some are just as scary as the legends say. Others, like the Sparrow himself, try and protect people from those monsters.

Meet the Cast

About the Author

Hi, I’m Micah! I’m a professional cartoonist and illustrator. The Sparrow is one of my personal passion projects. I’ve always loved researching myth and legend, and I grew up reading all sorts of superhero stories. One day, it hit me that while we see many superhero stories that touch on mythological themes, there are not many that embrace classic legends as their foundation. That gave me the idea to create a ragtag band of mythology-inspired heroes that are just trying to make a difference in the world, while dealing with their own lives.

The Sparrow is part superhero story, part character drama. You’ll see Team Sparrow get into action and excitement, but you’ll also get to know them when they’re not fighting monsters and villains. Aside from mythology, I also take inspiration from stories like the Percy Jackson series, the Dresden Files, the video game Hades, and more!

You can check out my portfolio at http://www.micahdraws.com