Ana, La Llorona

La Llorona

Name: Ana Vasquez
Age: 34
Birthday: September 14
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Mexican
Home Location: 2508 Robinson Dr.
Profession: I.R.I.S. agent
Education: M.S.W.

Ana is Team Sparrow’s only “normal” human. Her tenacity and sharp mind got her recruited by Inter-Realm Relations and Intervention Services (I.R.I.S.).

As a social worker, she became exposed to the supernatural underbelly of Port Azure. Ana had several cases that led back to a rogue supernatural exploiting underprivileged people. She’d managed to gather overwhelming evidence of the supernatural’s guilt and presented it to the police. But at the trial, the suspect used his powers to manipulate all the evidence and get a not-guilty verdict. Frustrated, Ana investigated deeper and learned how his powers helped him escape. She swore that a supernatural criminal would never escape justice again on her watch.

Ana took to the supernatural streets and began building her connections. With the help of friendly fae, she created the Mask of La Llorona, naming herself after the Mexican spirit. She built a reputation around that story and her exploits earned her the attention of I.R.I.S. recruiters. Now most supernaturals in Port Azure know if they cross human laws, the Weeping Woman may come for them.

Meanwhile, Ana works diligently as an I.R.I.S. agent. She’s resourceful, capable, one of the agency’s brightest stars. When she’s not working on community outreach and dealing with renegade supernaturals and humans, she tends to her garden at home. She has made friends with some local dryads and helps them manage a community garden in a nearby park. Ana also mentors girls in the Super Sisters program at least once a month and helps foster good relationships between the human and supernatural populations.

Powers & Abilities

  • I.R.I.S. Agent – Ana is a member of the global organization known as I.R.I.S., and has access to their resources and support in pursuit of their mission of mortal-supernatural community building and protection.
  • Utility Belt – Ana has no powers of her own, but she has a utility belt full of magical and mundane tools to help her deal with supernatural threats beyond human capability.