Conalt the Raven

The Raven

Name: Conalt Choi
Age: 36
Birthday: October 31
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Korean, Irish
Home Location: 60 Magpie Ave
Profession: Private Investigator
Education: B.S., psychology

Conalt owns and operates Raven’s Eye Investigations in the back of Natsumi’s tattoo parlor. He has an impressive array of magical abilities. Conalt can manipulate shadows and travel through them as effortlessly as passing through doorways. He can also communicate with ravens and other corvids, and he can speak with corpses. These powers enable him to solve mysteries that would halt other investigators in their tracks.

His powers come from his prestigious lineage. His father is a Korean-American man who studied abroad in Ireland. There, he fell in love with a faerie woman descended from the Morrigan and serving as a prominent noble in the court of Donn, a faerie king of the underworld. When Conalt’s father returned to Port Azure, he found a baby — Conalt — waiting for him in his bedroom.

Though there are many fae in Port Azure, most are associated with the Butterfly Court. Conalt is one of the few who owes the Court no fealty. He’s been able to fly under the radar, partly because his powers have been useful to Oberon’s courtiers.

Conalt is close friends with Natsumi, the Dove, and joined Team Sparrow when she did. He enjoys solving mysteries, which led him to pursue his career. For better or worse, his fae blood makes him look remarkably young. Without Natsumi backing him up, Conalt often gets mistaken for a teenager, which can make his job tough.