Markos the Prophet

Name: Markos Passero
Age: 27
Birthday: May 31 (Gemini)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Greek/Italian
Home: 147 Midsummer Ave., Apt 44
Profession: Graphic designer, personal trainer
Education: B.F.A. in graphic design

In the Sparrowverse, each pantheon has a single Prophet, chosen at the moment of their birth. That Prophet is that Pantheon’s sole representative on Earth. Markos was selected to be the voice of the Greek pantheon. As a result, he hears the voices of the gods as if they were sitting right next to him.

Being the Prophet can be really tiring. All the local supernaturals know he has a direct line to the gods. So Markos has a busy life being dragged here and there because of his status. When you represent the gods, everyone thinks you can solve their problems, even if you don’t represent their gods. When he’s not troubleshooting, he often acts as a religious symbol, officiating ceremonies and standing in for
the Olympians much like a priest.

Markos is tired most of the time. He’s perpetually stretched thin, trying too hard to be the best Prophet he can. On top of it all, he’s an introvert, which often makes the social aspects of his job exhausting at best. Underneath the public figure is a sarcastic, melodramatic man who means well but really just wants a break.

On the other hand, having the gods in his ear can be a huge help in his everyday life. Imagine having divine tutors for everything. Apollo taught him the arts and archery, Athena guided him through school, Hermes coached him in sports. The gods have helped Markos become quite the talented, capable Prophet.