Tybalt, the Crimson Horn

Tybalt, the Crimson Horn

Name: Tybalt Aldana
Age: 28
Birthday: May 1
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Basque
Home Location: 242 Riverview St., Apt 307
Profession: Firefighter
Education: B.S., criminology

Tybalt is an aatxe, a powerful being from Basque folklore. As an aatxe, he has a deep-seated sense of justice and a drive to protect others. This led him to become an Azure City firefighter immediately after graduating from college.

Soon after becoming a firefighter, I.R.I.S. agent Ana Vasquez, also known as the vigilante La Llorona approached Tybalt. She knew of his ingrained moral compass and valor in the line of duty. This led her to seek him out as a partner and community liaison for her I.R.I.S. work. He brings his formidable strength, crimson lightning, and strong sense of right and wrong to Ana’s quest to maintain peace and good relations between supernaturals and humans.

Tybalt is known for his outgoing, high-octane approach to life. An adrenaline junkie, he seeks all manner of energetic activities like rock climbing, surfing, and whitewater kayaking. Tybalt is openly gay and participates in many charity events for both LGBT support groups and Azure City Fire Department fundraisers. Because of his charm, physique, and good looks, he’s a popular pick for charity calendars, bachelor auctions, and other events that capitalize on his appearance. He moonlights as a fitness model on the side, occasionally earning some extra money.

Though he can blend with human society, Tybalt is not human. The pursuit of justice is a core part of his being and sometimes leads to conflict with his human peers. Fortunately, Ana and Markos are usually good at tempering and redirecting his drive in fruitful ways.